Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's MOUSE Projects meeting

So today after my Internship at the library, I went into Manhattan for a little meeting at MOUSE. Basically it was to touch base on everyone's respective undertaking, and to introduce us to a few people. Two of the meeting's special guests were from Techserve, a store in the city that focuses on all things mac (as a matter of fact, its just a few blocks away from my school). I use to hang out there when i first got into Apple computers - a few of my friends and I loved checking out all the - at that time - new computers and accessories, though none of us ever had any money to actually buy a computer there. I even had a friend that worked there a few years back and he completely loved it. The last of the guests was MOUSE's newest staff member. It was a very enjoyable little get together thanks to their collective presence.
Now for the content of so said meeting: It was explained to us students that we were entering the final weeks of our alloted time to work on things. On the 22nd of April I have to do a little presentation to the others as well as write up a report about my proceedings. Then after that, MOUSE has plans to attend two actual conferences - the NYSCATE Metro Conference and, my personal favorite, NECC 2008. The former is May 16th and 17th in Rye Brook, New York and the latter is in San Antonio, Texas from June 29th to July 1st. I can still remember NECC last year. It was such a good experience so I can't wait to hopefully join in on the action this time around as well. All of our guests stressed how important NECC and other gatherings like it are to the technology world. For both events I really want to a hold on a bunch of business cards. Last year, I let the chance to foster some great relationships with people go and I don't want to repeat that mistake again. I'm beginning to see how networking with anyone and everyone is of a great benefit to me in life and I can use all the help I can get. Not to mention that this type of stuff must look good on college apps, though its hardly the reason why I want to have a hand in everything (though it is indeed a nice perk...). As a added bonus, if I do go, I'll make sure to blog about everything that goes down. I figure a lot of people would be interested in hearing about it.
Last but not least, we talked about summer internships. In fact, I believe that this was the main reason why the people from Techserve were there. We got our instructions on what to do now so we're all waiting to see what happens when the time comes. For now I've got to focus on closing things down and making the wiki as good as possible.

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