Thursday, March 20, 2008

SAT Scores

So this morning, I went to finally see my scores. At last the moment of truth was upon me. As soon as I had woken up, I rolled out of bed and propped myself right in front of my laptop which was already set the night before (I made sure of it). Yet still, merely waiting for the page to load felt long and drawn out, like someone or something had messed with my perception of time. I thought it may have been due to me just waking up but I was so overly alert, fueled by anticipation that I decided not to dwell on it.

I ended up having a 640 for the reading, 630 for the writing and 530 for the math, for a grand total of 1800. As you may have known from previous posts, I was aiming for a 1700. In fact, I even had a dream that I got 1700 fairly recently. Now I must say, I am very happy about what I got. But quite frankly, I want more. I'm planning to re-take the test in June, only this time my overall goal will be to get a 2000 or better. The more practical goal is to get into the 600s in the math section. Anyways back to studying...

I also happened to go to school today instead of going to my internship place. I went because there were three representatives from SUNY Binghamton coming to talk to us. I found out some useful information about the school from them, but its still not one of my top choices. I still need to make plans for traveling outside of the city for the purpose of visiting colleges.

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