Friday, March 21, 2008

Hitotoki is an interesting website. People write little accounts about things that happened to them / witnessed on the street corners of the cities that the site supports. Their narratives are then showcased on a map of the respective city. The link above goes to the New York City site, but so far they have other cities such as Tokyo and London open along with DC, Paris, and Shanghai in the works. Another cool thing is that for cities outside of a predominate English country, they have narratives in their main language. So, for example, take the Tokyo site. You can read accounts in English and a separate set of accounts in Japanese. This little feature is very enjoyable for me and I can't wait for the Paris one to be up and running so that I can read about what goes on there as well.

I wonder if anyone who reads this will be moved to write for the site. I'm sure they're will be open to almost anything. I'm also interested in people's reactions to the site. Sound off in the comments if you have something to say.

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