Sunday, March 23, 2008

Paying students to do well in school ~ A good idea?

There are a few schools (well at least one anyways...) that are trying out giving students money to do good in school. Now I have mixed feelings about this. Should I have been younger when they decided to put this notion in motion, I probably would have no qualms about this. Its nice that they found something to entice children with. But I really don't think that its that great of an idea. I remember sometime during the week, I heard some sixth or seventh grader in my school saying something about how paying him to come to school would make him want to come more. Thing is that if you don't want to come, then don't come. You'll be a nothing more than a waste of space. And its something akin to the logic that I've applied to this situation. Going and doing well in school is, after its all said and done, is only truly beneficial to each person individually. No one is really going to suffer expect that person should they fail to show up or just fail all around. No one really truly cares but those that have to deal with you. Not only that, but the money being used to pay those kids could be better spent going to the school's budget, since they all cry fowl about their funding.

So yea. Instead of paying students to go to school, simply give the schools all that money that would be - most likely - squandered otherwise. If they - particularly those in higher graders such as high schoolers - don't want to come then don't make them. It really just makes the place a poorer learning environment.

the link to the article is here.

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