Sunday, March 16, 2008

College Visits ~ A Touch of Anxiety

On Wednesday I was talking to my college counselor. At this point in the process, she suggested that I make the time to go visit some more colleges in the upcoming months. I have a lot of vacation time that can be well utilized so I'm going to see what it is that I can do. I may even blog about some of the places I visit if everything works out.

Another thing we talked about was how to get people at my school informed about the College Now program. College Now is the reason why I've been able to have opportunities in taking college level courses, and I ended up joining their ambassador group in which I go around explaining to others about the program. So this time around, the people at college now are gearing up for their summer and fall classes, doing both promotions at the same time. Because of this, I now have to make plans to go to the 10th graders and notify them about the whole thing. I was to contact the 10th grade counselor last week, but I ended up repeatedly forgetting or getting side tracked into something else. So tomorrow, I shall make it my business to go find the person and figure out what they would like to do, before it looks like I'm either lazy or just don't care. Or both. Thing is, they aren't exactly my favorite grade in the whole school so part of me is not really looking forward to dealing with them...

And last but not least, as I may have said earlier, I get my SAT scores on the 20th of this month. For the most part, I've been fairly calm about all of this. But now, as the days tick closer and closer to the date, I can feel some sort of anxiety about the whole thing. I really want to see just how poorly (or well... hopefully) I did. In addition to that, I want to see what it is that I have to improve on for the next time I take it.

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