Sunday, March 16, 2008


When I was younger I took some type of martial arts lessons. I believe that I first started around 4th or 5th grade, switched dojos, then continued learning till my 7th grade year. I've really always regretted leaving and every year when my school hold their after-school program performances, I always begin to really miss it. Watching those kids up there make me think about how far I could have gone if I'd stick around. And so today, during my little Japanese lesson, I was reminded of this fact. It would appear that my teacher use to study Aikido when he was younger and started to show me some videos of different techniques. It was all in an effort to show how language is more than something that is a set of rules for sounds that convey a message. Rather, it incorporates itself into the people and their ways. The culture and language reflects each other in their values. Especially in Japanese. I've never dealt with a language, and consequentially culture much like it before. Amazing how it all started from me repeatedly writing certain kanjis wrong. But now, there is something in me gravitating towards the idea of learning Aikido. There is some sort of peacefulness that, at least to me, comes along with the art. Plus it would make for great physical exercise that is oh so important nowadays. Yet still I think that if I really am serious about all of this, it would be best for me to make plans to start next year or when I'm finally settled in college. That way I should have a lot more time seeing as how I'm expecting things to have calmed down by then.


  1. The thought of you knowing martial arts scares me, frankly.

  2. Oh come now. Its not like I'm going to go around taking people out. Thats not the point behind my interest. I merely wish to better myself. Though, if you're so worried, don't piss me off.... lol.