Friday, March 7, 2008

A running list of my friend's blogs

So since writing a post about blogs that i found interesting, I started to get a lot of flak from my friends, saying that I need to show off their stuff some more. So after enough bothersome remarks from them, I've decided to write this now rather than later. Even though, most of these links can be found in the links section to the left side of this blog, but don't tell them that...(merely kidding around guys...slightly).

The Best, The Worst, and the Unbelievable - Brandon Lewis' blog. This is the same child who was part of the cause for the large scale war that took place in the comments of his guest post on this blog a little while back. Known him for a really long time (since second grade maybe? My memories' a bit hazy) and is one of my best friends. His focus is located more on the pop culture side of things. American and ever growing British pop culture. Its nice to see whats happening on the other side of the pond from time to time. Plus you don't even have to speak another language to boot!

A Look Into My Head - DJ t3kN0's blog. Once again someone I've known since I was little (this time fourth grade I believe), and once again one of my best friends. This is just one of his many many blogs, so check out his profile to see the link to all of them. Blogs about cars, psp mods, and other little things.

Troubledgenius47's weblog - As the name implies its Troubledgenius47's weblog, as he so spells it. More politically charged than the other two so its a nice change of pace. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about keeping more of a closer watch on this year's elections. But anyways, its something to read.

The best Offense - Last but not least the blog belonging to the second person behind the guest-post comment debacle as it shall be known as from now on (though however entertaining and useful it may have been). Mitch's blog is just as and even may end up being more political than the one mentioned above, still all the more reasons to read and respond. And do watch the video from MSNBC up there. It really did make my day when I first saw it.

So there. Four more blogs. So to all of you I say this: Now the sky's not the limit. The limit's the sky.


  1. i must admit, while i do greatly appreciate having my blog complimented upon, telling someone that the limit's the sky isn't too encouraging.

  2. God help me, but I must agree with Wilbert here.

  3. blah. it sounded cool, did it not?

  4. And I have a comment to make about Mr. Lewis' blog, which you so appropriately placed furthest from mine.

    Too much pop, not enough culture.

  5. well, here we are again Mitchell LOL.

    The great thing about this country? Culture is a not a definite term. It can encompass many different things. What you may think is "cultural can differ from mine.

    BTW, I didn't even realize that our blogs were farthest apart.

  6. You write blogs about AMERICAN IDOL. Don't even get me started.

  7. Face it. American Idol is apart of pop culture. 30 million people watch it every week.

    I'm one of them. I write about what I like, what I watch, so I write about American Idol

  8. Indeed. American Idol IS part of popular culture. It is endemic of the insidious virus that has taken hold throughout popular culture. Popular culture once revolved around things like Led Zeppelin and U2. Now we have American Idol contestants and Paris Hilton. Oh, how I hope we can give pop culture some damned antibiotics or something. Right now it's just sick.

  9. And right along with U2 was Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince.

    Its called pop culture for a reason.

    Although, I agree that it has been diluted with pointless people like Paris or New York from Flavor of Love.

    Read here:

  10. Every instance of pop culture has its high points and low points. The sad thing is that the only high points current pop culture has are people who've been around since the 1970s or 1980s, like Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty, or Tom Petty.

  11. the limit is whatever you make it. and i must agree with Wilbert