Thursday, October 1, 2009

One Month Down, Four More Years To Go

I still can't believe I'm a Freshman.

Honestly, it was rather hard to imagine myself as a proper college student in the months leading up to my arrival here, but now look at me. I'm running through the halls of academia trying to avoid being late for class, fostering newly forged relationships with people dramatically different from those I know back at home, seeing another side of America I've never intimately known before and guess what?

I'm having a ball.

While I'm fervently attempting to keep my head above water in terms of my course work (to which I must admit lazy days), I also am just as fervently striving to create my self-perpetuating niche - the people and environment that will allow me to play around and find new ideas.

But this means understanding what lies around me and concreting my plans. I'm so transfixed by this, that I even made myself a nice sheet of goals for the years that I'm here (the goals are separated by 1st year, 2nd year, and so on. Yes, I'm that serious). Do I intend to keep them all? Of course not. However, I know have a better visualization of what I want from my time here - I'll be damned if I let so much time out of my life go by with nothing but a diploma to show for it.

And I have already begun to take steps to realize those objectives. I've leaped at chances to expose myself to and reflect upon culture. So lets see what the month of October has up its sleeves?

One month down, four more years to go, eh?

Bring it on.

Interview w/ Cornel West on WNYC

I absolutely *have* to go read this man's memoir at some point in my life. And you should too.