Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are people getting tired of Facebook and MySpace?

I've been hearing a lot more about the feud between Facebook and MySpace lately, with Facebook seemingly on the verge of over taking MySpace in terms of popularity. However, I've also heard a lot about people getting sick of social networking sites in general. I, for one, have never been all that interested in them. Back when MySpace was the ruling king, I watched as all of my friends get sucked into its fiend-like grasp. Many of them tried to get me to join them, even going as far as creating a page for me - but I never used it. I fought like a madman to avoid it. And I was going to do the same to Facebook. In fact, I did do the same to Facebook, until one day I gave in and got one. Anyways, point is that I fully understand where these people are coming from. Being constantly surrounded by your friends online, while it is nice for a time, does get old after a while. Plus it just loses its value and level of interest. Now, I do think that many people will retain their respective social platform of choice, Facebook, Myspace (or both....?), or maybe something else all together. But they will treat it like I do mine - every once in a while check it out to see whats new and all, but overall ignore it.

I would like to see just what you all think about this. Are you just about ready to throw your personal page away, or are you going to continue your online presence on those sites? Post your replies in the comments.

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  1. I'm still on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I don't feel nearly as enthusiastic about either as I used to--there's a lot of noise, especially on Facebook. However, it is handy to get back in touch with friends that I've fallen out of contact with. I also have one Facebook friend who posts links to articles that interest her and she's got great editorial sense. I sort of wish that she was tagging things in instead--then I wouldn't have to check for updates on Facebook. I would put both sites into the category of pleasant diversions. Does anyone remember Friendster? It was sort of like Facebook without the application platform--and now that we're overun with silly notifications from Facebook apps, you've got to wonder if lean is better--but then again, who still uses Friendster?