Wednesday, March 12, 2008

School's blog

Earlier today I assumed responsibility - or what I take to be responsibility - of my school student consul type body's blog. This should be interesting seeing as it does not seem like my friend who was running it before, now seems to not want to be bothered with it. But so long as I feel like I'm doing something to help out, along with some other things, I'm happy. I also ended up serving as today's facilitator during the meeting. Not too sure if I did a good job, but I was able to get some issues voted on. Partly due to the fact that we had a two thirds of the voting members present finally. Plus I tried to make sure I did not allow everyone to gather on one topic for too long. I find that once they begin to do so, it becomes fairly hard to end that large steam of thoughts and bring the conversation back to the actual point. I'm thinking that now, at this point, we should begin to put our plans in motion. We've spent enough time talking about what we are going to do. Its really now about time to act. Hopefully my use of the blog will help this occur.


  1. I'm still telling you it's not much of a responsibility...

  2. and I've already told you my reasons behind doing this. besides, it keeps me busy....