Monday, March 3, 2008

Other blogs of interest

In many ways, this blog was created in response to my then growing interest reading other blogs. Particularly blogs about learning languages, or that are actually in my target languages. Because of this, I figure that writing a small list of sites that I frequently visit or find delightful would be useful in some way or form.

English blogs and/or sites: - a directory of blogs dealing with people who program in cocoa. I still have plans to learn this programming language and all, but for now I can only put in a limited amount of time to it.

the linguist
- Interesting blog. This guy seems to have some really cool ideas on learning languages, many of which that make sense.

French blogs and/or sites:

Alive in Paris - This is a bilingual blog about little events and things going on in Paris. I find that I sometimes go to rely upon the english when the words get to hard, but its still good practice.

Les photos de Moune. - Lots of pictures. Great for when I just want to look at something. The pictures are nice, plus you have French underneath. Only this time, no english to help you out.

Naked Translations - Another bilingual French and English blog. The woman behind the site is a translator and writes about some of her translation woes, among other things. Once again, great practice for anyone learning French.

Japanese blogs and/or sites:

Japanese Wikipedia - Reading articles from Wikipedia in any language is really helpful.

Crunchyroll - Something a friend of mine just recently showed me. The name itself is a bit silly, but the site is a youtube for japanese shows. With subtitles. Really, really nice to watch when you have the time.

So thats it for now. I may do this again sometime into the future but this should be a good start.


  1. Hi !
    Interesting selection.
    An other bilingual blog (not updated daily, but you can read the archives) :

  2. ah thanks for the link. it looks like i'm going to be reading this a lot more from now on.

    btw - Great website you have running. Thanks for making it bilingual.

  3. Merci Ryan ! Un blog bilingue demande plus de travail qu'un blog classique, surtout quand on essaie de produire un contenu de qualité, mais nous découvrons avec plaisir qu'il est apprécié au-delà de nos frontières.
    Okay, this was for your French practice ;-)