Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Far-Off Reality

For a while now this whole bit about the reality of going college and what must done get has been shifting in and out of focus. Some days, it'll be on me like a rain cloud over my head, much like in those little amusing cartoons, and other days it'll hardly cross my mind. But its starting to pick up now - ever since i learned of my SAT scores, that pending aspect of my life has increased its nagging on the dark corners of my mind that i try oh so hard not to pay attention to. It really is like there is a countdown ticking away somewhere and someone is messing with its normally steady measurements of time. Now I'm wondering, am I the only one who feels this way? I would like to think that I'm not. As I watch and hang around my friends, our conversations now evermore quickly turn to talking about colleges and expectations of failure. Our shared state of unrest does indeed make for something to talk about over the water cooler but after a while only serves to drag us all down.

Well, only a year or so more about this. Though I have this icky suspicion that things will get worst before they get better. Oh how waiting for our acceptance/rejection letters is going to kill us. Or at the very least, break some of the weaker links within our class.

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