Sunday, April 20, 2008

Summer Internships

MOUSE right now has three potential internships open for the taking. However, we must write about the two that we would like the most. I'm thinking that out of the three, my favorites are Tekserve and the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell. Like I said before, I really enjoy macs and my visit to that apple store helped me to solidify that choice. Also, it would play well into allowing me to learn more about sales and service repair on mac items, thus I can better help myself and my school should the need for a makeshift technician arise (and it shall, knowing my luck).

As for the law firm, my main thing is the international appeal it has on me. More than likely, I'd be dealing with other people from all over the world, and if lady luck decides to simile down upon me, I may be able to meet people from France and/or Japan and use them for speaking practice.

Now that I'm done with the write-up its up to chance to see where I end up. But in the mean time, I have my little videos to get back to.


  1. i just noticed if you use the yahoo search engine and search for my blog, yours is right above mine. as wierd as this sounds.... that is soooo freakin awesome *grins*......

  2. Its a sign... :p

    Its really just due to how the engines organize their results and what not.

    And yes, "chaotic harmony". As weird as I am, you should know by now that I always come together in the end.