Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Spring Break is pretty much shot (in the best way possible)

As the title says, my spring break is more or less gone. Not that I mind at all, its just that whenever I explain to people my age what I'm going to be doing, they gain this odd look on their faces. One that can only be explained as a strange mixture of dismay, objection, and false sympathy. Really, its annoying - its always been like this for as long as I can remember. Whenever I do something with my spare time that is outside of their limited sense of perception, I always get that look. And 9 (or let me be nicer. 8) times out of 10 the things that I do with my time are exponentially better than what they end up doing. The little projects and events that I invest my time into always wield sometime of greater good. Now while I may be called anti-social within my own little circle(s), its because I find that on average the little things that they decide to focus on does nothing for anyone. Not themselves, family or anyone else. Its largely just socializing (along with a few other things I shall not dare to even go into). So in the end, just who's fault is it that I don't want to be around them more so than I have to? Mine or theirs?

Anyways, getting back on topic since I'm now finished with my little rant, I'm spending my days up until Thursdays finalizing the wiki and project report. Then Friday, I'm running to the Business library here in Brooklyn at Cadman Plaza for a little something involving my current internship. Looking forward to that.

In addition to all that, I have to find time to work on my numerous papers and past assignments that I've missed here and there. Amazing how little nuggets of work can accumulate if left unattended...

Oh what a busy week it shall be...


  1. Just curious, do you think that i might be part of the blame for the anti-socializing?

  2. you don't seem as upety as you used to be....

  3. yes. indeed you are. at least, at this time anyways.

  4. btw my blog's locatiom has changed

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