Saturday, April 5, 2008

My birthday ~ Uncelebratory Assessments

Yesterday - the fourth of April - was my birthday. Not sure what can be said about it. I got good amount of friends together to go out to lunch with - one of them even paid for my food. woot! - and I went out to dinner that evening. This was in stark comparison to my birthday last year - it was spring break and so as soon as my mother left for work, I locked all the doors, turned off anything anyone could contact me with (phones, computers, etc), and went to sleep. I really just don't find all my birthday to be all that interesting. Celebrating it is not high on my list of priorities.

The most my birthday does for me is make me think more about this life of mine. Its past, present, and future. The day of my birth date and the day directly proceeding it are nothing more than causes of reflection. There is so much that I'm aiming to do - and that makes me worry. I had a very insightful conversation with someone at my internship on Thursday. It really did help me add some clarity, or at least another level of analysis to my thoughts.

I've also noticed that birthdays have a way of seeming more for those that around you than for yourself, when you don't really care for them. A lot of people got upset with me when I took a fairly easy-going attitude in answering their question of what I wanted to do on that day. One or two of them told me to think of those who are around me - that day is important to them for a reason. I guess I understand that, but I don't see anything wrong in just going along with whatever they have planned for me without much of my personal input.

In the end still, it was my birthday. Even with all of these thoughts swarming me, I still had some kind of fun. The likes of which will be explained next post...

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