Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apple Store Visit

I finally got a chance to go to that new Apple Store on 14th and 9th yesterday. I went into Manhattan to meet up with my Japanese teacher but I felt that the day's good weather would be wasted by just sitting down so I suggested heading there. He agreed, seeing as how he had not been there yet and he's a big fan of macs just like I am. So we went and the was way too much fun. It's amazing how time just flies past - we must have spent hours in there. You see, I'm looking into buying a MacBook Pro when I'm going off into college to replace this MacBook I have now, so I'm looking into the market to see whats around. But funny thing is, when I was at the store, I somehow felt inadequate since I had my MacBook in my bag and I was around all those new and shiny laptops. That feeling persisted until I met a clerk who had asked me if I needed help with anything. Here is how that conversation basically went:

Clerk: "Hello sirs, do you need some help?"
Me: "Um no not really, I'm just looking into a new laptop, so I'm just wondering. See I want something new to get rid of my MacBook when I'm off to college. In fact, I feel bad about taking it out here. Its so old..."
Clerk: "You think thats bad? I'm still using an iBook G3."
Me: (slightly stares at him for a while in disbelief) "Oh.... I'm so sorry."
Shig: starts to laugh in the background...

So yea, I've learned not to complain anymore cause there are people out there who have it worst. Really worst. I then pulled out my Battle scared MacBook and got a little cleaning for it. (thanks a lot for that!) Afterwords, I went to look at the iPhones, yet another thing I plan on getting once I'm in college. I really like the look and feel of it and I would like to start programing for the thing.

One more thing that this trip was good for is that it really gave me more reasons for wanting the MOUSE internship at Tekserve. I've decided that that's the place I want to go to this summer, but more about that in a later post.

And so, this concludes my trip to that Apple Store. My god, I wonder how long it took me to get there - I've had plans to visit running back from October or so. Better late then never I'd suppose...

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