Monday, April 21, 2008

OLPC Wiki update 4/21

The video taking session is now complete. We have two videos in the can for opening night. All we have to do now is edit them, fix up the wiki, and write up the report. All before Thursday. Should be fun...

Anyways, today was fairly interesting. I'm still at odds with hearing and watching myself (its just so irritating...) but I was able to get through it. The main issue was that I kept rabbling like I do in my usual speech and writings, which is bad for a straight to the point tutorial video. We had to do quite a few takes before I got it remotely correct. But, whats done is done. And I'm happy to now be able to carry on. We've been making good time. Anyways, I'll report back again tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. im happy u no tat u ramble on in ur normal conversations. not tat im saying it is bad or anything.... anyways i really do like ur videos it was ur first time n i was really surprised 2 see it come out so good! kudos my dear Ryan. u worked hard and it shows congrats to you. i wont be surprise if u do more of these...