Sunday, April 13, 2008

Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core

I really want this game.

Now, I'm not all that big of a fan of Final Fantasy VII. I never played the original game, and I feel that people may be over doing it with the FF:VII franchise, I must admit when there is greatness. This game is it. Really. The story provides a wonderful explanation of the events that took place before the first game. One that has obviously been well thought out and well put together. Not only that, but the music is simply beautiful. Out of the two-disk soundtrack here are my favorites:

The Price of Freedom
A Moment of Courtesy
Theme of Crisis Core "Truth Behind the Project"
The World's Enemy

Another thing I find special about the game is its ending. While everyone knew what happened - its a well known story. One of the basic plot lines for the first game - it was just incredible in how the creators went about putting it together. I hardly play games that end as nicely as this one did.

And now, I end this post with a clip of one of my favorite cut scenes from the game. A three way fight on top of a *huge* cannon. If you listen closely you can hear the songs The Price of Freedom, Truth Behind the Project, and The World's Enemy, in order, throughout the duration of the battle.

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