Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My grade's poorly executed prank...

So I shared with you a prank that was actually funny. Now, the next one I shall explain is not. Well, it is in its stupidity. So last night, as I was on AIM, I got a chain message saying that people were planning to walk out of the classrooms at 9:10 or so. I read it and then deleted it - I had no real enthusiasm towards the whole thing. So today, during my first period class, a few people randomly got up, made bit of a scene due to the disorganization of their planned event, then finally left. The rest of us were just watching - one could almost read the question marks over our heads. Then chaos broke loose. Everyone began to understand what was happening and more or less went crazy. My poor science teacher said to me, "They never did this kind of crap at my old school," sat down and just watched the mayhem unfold. We started to hear yelling in the halls as the more unruly children in the school ran around. I even believe one of the school's teachers joined in on their activities as well.

So after the people who left our classroom came back, they looked at the rest of us with a scornful glance and proceeded to call us punks. Because of their failed coup, the little band of students began to plot out plan B. They got everyone's phones and set them to ring at a certain time. Finally second period came along. They all acted nice and cool and everything went well. That is until the phones all across the classroom started to go off. One by one they rang. The teacher for that period looked around in confusion then told us that no one was going anywhere, then moved to stand in front of the door, declaring that they would have to go through her within that one simple action.

After that, there were some more isolated incidents of disobedience (such as throwing paper towels and shredded paper in the hallways) but other from that, they all just gave up. Thats what they get for coming up with their scheme the night before....


  1. Well, I dunno, the shredded paper was hilarious in its randomness and unexpectedness.

  2. I found it retarded. It was merely shredded paper. Though, seeing poor Fanning with a broom in hand made me feel so bad inside....

  3. Weakling, you're not allowed to have sympathy for school officials!