Saturday, April 19, 2008

Season Finale of Torchwood/Doctor Who on BBC America

Tonight, BBC America aired the finales of Torchwood and Doctor Who. Both of them just so happened to be superb. Torchwood's especially was just captivating - partly because I had already seen the Doctor Who finale but mostly because it just simply stood out on its own. Two of the main characters ended up dying tonight. Of course, one of them was already dead and all (really long story. watch the show to find out) but their deaths were still powerful nonetheless. I must hand it to the writers of both shows - very good job tonight. You already have me impatiently waiting for series 3 of Torchwood.

And as for Doctor Who, it is not that I did not like the finale of series 3 because I'd already seen it. In fact, its possible that I've even had more fun this time around - I was able to get a cousin of mine and my mother to get into it as well. Plus, watching John Simms play the Master was great. He really did do a wonderful job at playing the role of a crazed antithesis to David Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor.

Though there is one thing that is bothering me. Scifi happens to be the channel to be showing new episodes yet BBC America just finished showing series 3. I would think BBC America would be the the one to show the new series 4, but I guess that there must be some deal that was made or something. Oh well, there is no point in complaining about who shows what so long as I get to watch my shows. I win either way so I'm happy.

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