Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Language Books and (Semi)Update to Guides

I recently ran into a bunch of books on grammar for Japanese and French. Some of which include the titles "Minna no Nihongo", "A dictionary of basic Japanese grammar", "A dictionary of Japanese Particles", and "Schaum's Outline of French Grammar". I've been looking through them, trying to come up with a method of study that would wield the most results. So far I've been most drawn to the Minna no Nihongo and the basic Japanese grammar book. They seem to have a lot of quality sentences for me to steal and enter into Anki (for those of you who don't understand what I mean by that, I'm sure to write a little something about it in upcoming days. Google "anki" in the meantime if you'd like...) Schaum's outline of French looks nice as well, but not as nice as the other books I already have. Hopefully I will still have a use for it.

The greater importance of this post is that I'm still figuring out how I should write the so-called guides I've been contemplating. Should they be a collection of notes or me actually doing lessons. I'm leaning towards notes, for I'm simply just not that good in either languages. But nevertheless, I'll figure it out. And soon. Spring Break type soon - tentatively.

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