Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tentative list of college choices

As of today I now have a list of 18 potential colleges to apply to. I checked with my guidance consular and the list seems to be a good one to start with. Its broken down into three categories: Safety, Best-fit, and Reach. The names should be pretty much self-explanatory but just in case, they refer to schools I should be able to get into with little to no problems, schools that fit me at my current academic standing, and schools that are a bit above so said level, respectively. Now while I've already began to look into the courses and other things offered at each school, I feel that I need to increase the amount of focus and effort I put into it. Because of that I started to use a website my friend of mine showed me called students review. I'm interested in seeing what other people liked or don't like in the schools I'm looking at to see if I can get a fuller picture of what I'm putting myself into. It makes no sense to blindly set myself up for something that I won't like. I think for the next two weeks or so my aim for this will be to cut down the list a bit so I can keep track of myself a bit more. I'm thinking about posting my thoughts here about each school to see if anyone has their own two cents to add...

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  1. u know what. I feel kind of bad. you have a list of colleges that you want to go to but i don't. your all prepared while I'm slacking. Damn this sucks. On the bright side I do know what I want to go to school for. LOL