Monday, January 14, 2008

OLPC project update

Today I had a meeting about the project. Right now there are three of us and we've got a nice final plan to work off of. Its basically an edited version of the one I posted up last time. So as of now, my teammate and I have two or so weeks to get most of the major pages out of the way. I have to focus on guides for the RSS reader, browser, developer console, quick setup, and the different computer views.
In the end what we are looking to have is a basic resource where people (techies and non-techies alike) can go to and read on how to get the OLPC fully working. We have a lot of ideas swimming around, so now the only issue is to catch them and put them to work.

Look forward to me posting my drafts and other ideas up here in the next two weeks (providing that I don't forget).

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