Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

So Happy New Year's everyone. I wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2008. I can't wait to see what it is that I'll be able to accomplish this year. And seeing as how this is the year of my 17th birthday, which by the way is almost just around the corner, I have a feeling this year shall be very important.

In my last post I only listed half(or just simply one) of my resolution(s). Because of this, I suppose that I should put in down, in whole, here.

Part One: Write, write, listen, and all around be in contact with my target languages.
Part Two: Prep for college. This incorporates many things like more writing, more reading, keeping up with my work and tasks, etc.

I know somehow that this year shall be one that really matters. And I can't afford to play around and mess up. I look forward to all of this with open arms, ready to do what I have to.

Once again, have a good 2008 everyone!

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  1. So much of language is about connecting with people. I wonder if there are groups of native speakers that you could connect with to hone your skills. I found this group on meetup: http://japanese.meetup.com/19/?gj=sj2

    Can't vouch for the group, but know that immersion and many many conversations are what helped me master a foreign language. Looking forward to reading about your progress.