Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Obama is my Slave" T-Shirt

What the holy hell is this???

A friend of mine just brought this to my attention. He was reading the Metro this morning and came across an article on the front page about some girl who got attacked in Union Square some time ago for wearing a T-Shirt that read "Obama Is My Slave" and is now suing the shirt's creator.

Now there are a few wrongs I've noticed here.
1) Should not have been wearing that shirt in the first place.
2) Who the hell made that crap in the first place? Whoever did should be shot. For that matter, anyone who buys it should be hung by their toenails.
3) Attacking people is still bad, even when they deserve it. I know its annoying but its true.
4) That girl paid 69 dollars for an ass-whooping. That just makes me depressed.

Is the girl who got attacked white, out of curiosity? I take it she is since in the article it was specified that her attackers were black females. I'm sure shes aware of racial tension so what did she think was going to happen to her, walking around with that thing on? It would be like me walking around with a shirt that said, for example, that the Israeli state should not exist - I would logically expect some sort of public backlash, violent and otherwise. Maybe if she would have gotten away with it somewhere with no black people around, but I digress.

And as for the designer - he just looks like an fool with a mullet. I'm perfectly alright with people wanting to vote for and criticize whomever they like, but only when they go about it in a logic and socio-conscious manner. Towards the end of the article they talk about his other shirts against Obama such as "Jews Against Obama" and "Obama = Hitler". They end with the guy saying that he did not like Obama because Obama is a Muslim.


Doesn't that remind you of anything that has happened lately? At least the other thing was meant as satire....


  1. Oh Jeez! People can't treat black Americans badly like that.They are not animals.Black and white have rights,do you forget the meaning of the word RESPECT? Even white shouldn't be treated badly like that.It's an attack on Obama,on the black community and on all Barack's fan.My fear is that Obama could be murdered by members of the KKK,by an anti- black person,or somebody who hates him.It reminds me the story of Martin Luther King.Obama has good speeches like King and I love the way that he want to change the world.Maybe It'll work or not but at least we have tried.

  2. See everyone. And she was a Hilary supporter. Its wonderful that you have enough sense too see that, but there are many who can't.

    Now I don't think what happened to the girl was right, but there is something to be said for her putting herself in that position. To me she had opened herself for such a sharp rebuke and I'm shocked thats all that happened to her.

    And by the way, him getting killed is a fear of mine as well. I hope that we as a country and a world have progressed far enough to surpass such primitive mentality, but at times I'm merely just left to wonder.