Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Carnival '08 - Starts On Monday!

Like the title said - the carnival begins on Monday. I hope to have it run for two weeks, during which everyone who has already signed up and would like to sign up (pretty please?) can just go to each other's blog, read the content there, and then contact its owner with what you would like to post.

Also, in keeping with something I learned from PDF last month let's try this out. I would like for every post that is made in relation to the carnival (guest posts and the likes) to have a label or tag that says so. Just a simple "Blog carnival" tag will do.

Final thing is this, if you have not done so before, go back to the registration post from a while ago and look in the comments. There mostly everyone had posted a link to their blog so check them out. Leave comments for them or something - just do something that establishes some sort of contact.

Any questions or comments or suggestions leave a comment here and I'll get back to you guys asap.

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