Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm still alive... Sort of....

Its been a while, eh?

I really dislike going cold-turkey on blogging and all, but I notice that every once in a while its necessary to take a break, simply to regain your focus.

Now that my fairly random hiatus has ended, we can get back to my odd ramblings. The Doctor Who season finale I got to watch last Sunday was just great so you can expect a post about it. I also started my summer intern at Tekserve which is going along well, and my little friends have gotten me roped up in going to the movies with them soon. I really don't know how they were able to do that, but I'm going and I wish to see if my little theory (which I got some crap for) will work. Finally, purhaps biggest of all, the blog carnival shall soon commence. Hope you lot did not forget about that one...

All this and more very, very soon. Depends on my mood really.


  1. Yeah I was worry lol I thought you were dead,OMG haha
    You're the best Ray (L)

  2. Be careful about spoilers. I'm a couple months behind in my Who viewing. :-)

  3. Ah, is that so mr.oops. Well, when I do post it, I'll make sure its clear that spoilers may be lurking.

    But really, you need to watch series 4. That ending was just wonderful. lol

  4. I spent this weekend catching up - 10 episodes, each one a pleasure. So you can spoil away.

    Russel T. Davies did a great job of putting together massive finales in his 4 years in charge. Since this was his last year, he really went for it.