Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Connected: The Movie (Conception of iPhone Edu.)

Here's a little something for everyone who is just getting / already had / thinking about gettting an iPhone.

This video was made by the students and facility at ACU - Abilene Christian University. The goal was to showcase the potential that the iPhone holds in classrooms across America. While it is fictional, a lot of the content seen is actually in development so it won't be before long when we'll finally see it in real life.

The video is a perfect example of one of my reasons for wanting to get into iPhone programming and just programming in general. I want to be able to be apart of the advancement of technology - I want the ability to make my dreams and ideals reach a level of manifestation in which they benefit as much people as possible, and as a result, the users treat my creations with as much love and respect as I will. I really do think that the iPhone is and will be a great tool for reaching all of that with.

And imagine what else the phone is being used for right now, for just technology in general. The conceptions and theories that are being explored. Doesn't it just make you sit beside yourself in awe?


  1. The new iPhone is so cool! I don't think I'm gonna buy an iPhone right now because I'm buying soon a movie camera,to film my nephew who will born in September.But maybe when I'll finish school,it's really interesting for working.Even if my laptop and my PC are from Microsoft,I admit that I prefer Apple.

  2. Yea, i'm not buying it just yet as well. I'm going to need one soon though for testing. It has so many applications to it that I can't help but want one.

    And don't worry - Apples are great but PCs from Mircosoft are good as well.