Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last Friday many members of MOUSE got a chance to visit the Marketsite to participate in the Closing Ceremony. Just going there was simply great, but I was also given the chance to act as their student representative on stage. This meant I got to say a few words, get my mug on that giant monitor they have outside overlooking Times Square, and last but not least, push the button that signified the end of the trading day.

(Can you guess which one I am? Hi Carole!)

It was amazing how much of a "T" people there have gotten the process down to. The four of us each got a few seconds to introduce ourselves, talk more about the program, and finally what we've each down through our involvement with MOUSE - many of mine, you can read about here.

After that, everyone in our little (correction: enormous) group had joined us on stage for the button pressing. Reaching over to touch something gets a lot harder when you're being squished, hence the odd looking expression on my face in the picture below - its a look of concentration.

My one biggest peeve was that the button did not glow red. I know that sounds ridiculous, but for some reason any button like that should glow red, not orange. No one ever has ever spoken about a "big orange button" being important before - it was always a big red button. Get my drift? Some how I felt a bit let down because of that...

All in all it was a great experience. How many people my age can say that they had a hand in such an event? I'm very proud to have had yet an other opportunity to support MOUSE and I look forward to what other events lie ahead.


  1. I just watched the video of your speech for NASDAQ! Awesome job, ryan.

    also - WHY DOTH THOU NOT LINK MY BLOG? *I* link *yours*!


  2. Opps. So sorry - I'll get on that right away. lol

    Also, where did you find the video? I couldn't find anything like that online...

  3. I think people who have money invested in NASDAQ stocks are nervous enough as it is. Starting the day of trading with the push of a red button would only add to the nervousness.

  4. I think that they don't use a red button because red signals finality. Red seems like they'll shut down the market forever. Orange seems like an end, but not a total end.

  5. @oops and mitchell - I suppose you both are right. Yet I think thats kind of why I wanted a red button to begin with. I wanted something humorous. And whats more humorous then seeing wall street cats bugging out? Unless of course your own money was involved...

  6. I can't guess where you are on the pic...very difficult haha
    You're the best ;)
    I love ya!