Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The New Yorker's Obama Cover

All political hell has just broken loose.

I'm sure by now you all have heard about The New Yorker's most recent cover. In case you haven't for some incredible reason their cover depicts a cartoon president hopeful Barack Obama along with his wife Michelle as terrorists in the White House.

The cover was meant to be satire - what was drawn was in no way a reflection of what the magazine believes, instead it was poking fun at what many have said about Obama during these past months. Everything from the weapons, the terrorist fist jab, to the burning American flag in the fireplace off in the background.

But many are crying bloody murder for the artwork, saying that it is offensive and should not have been printed. Even our old friend Al Sharpton (I'm not touching that just yet.... darn spokesperson for all black people...) had something to say about its "spirit of insult".

Now, I personally find the cover to be quite clever and gets the point driven home in a great way. There are still a lot of people who still thinks that all of those things and more that are said about Obama are true. I think that with all the firestorm going on about it, people are now more aware of these attitudes swimming around in the recesses of our nation's consciousness. Hopefully everyone can now hear the truth and wise up before time runs out.

Interesting how all of this happens right after Jesse Jackson opened his big mouth. Come on, I would have thought he of all people knew better.


  1. It is a sad day when people forget what satire is in the face of a media hullaballoo.

  2. Yes but I guess they could have gone about it a bit differently...