Sunday, February 3, 2008

Second Semester Begins

As I stated before, Friday was the first day of the new term. Now I must admit, there are some things that are bothering about all of this. But there are other issues I feel that they did do a good job at. I ended up being put into all of the so called 'harder' classes for English, History, and Math. And it was not what I was expecting. It looks as if there are more crowded than there were last term. And that really defies logic. How can there be more kids in the classes I was placed into when most of them never signed up for such courses? And now, I'm going to have to deal with people who are merely going to get in the way and drag everything down like last term.

Also as if to add insult to injury, it seems that on our transcript we don't get the classes labeled as "Honors". Instead its going to be "Enriched", if anything is there at all. So long as something is written, conveying that these classes are 'more difficult' than the others I'm okay. Though I must say that 'Honors' sounds so much better that 'Enriched'.

Another thing was how the schedule was revamped. Last term the time blocks for all of the classes were at best spasmodic. There was no standard block of time for them. However, this time around, everyone gets a 55 minute cut of the day. The only two drawbacks for this is that lunch now starts 15 minutes later and we sometimes have to revisit a class we already had earlier in the day, but that is a small price to pay so that the classes are long enough to remain engaging. No more short periods that end right when things were getting interesting and overbearing periods so long that the teacher themself is repulsed from being trapped in the same room with us.

Oh boy, this term is going to be something else...


  1. Class repetition only applies to those who do internships, and not everyone. It's so that those who do internships don't lose out on classes.

  2. Ya i figured as much. so how long are the classes for you guys then?

  3. Same length of classes, we just don't repeat any daily. Your repeat classes are done by us on Thursday, and during the week when you have your repeats, we have Electives.