Friday, February 8, 2008

The Monkeysphere

I've just finished reading an article a friend gave me today, which you can find here. Its about an interesting concept of the Monkeysphere. The Monkeysphere is basically the group of people that you actually consider to be human. They are human because they are the ones that you are in contact with. Everyone else outside the sphere you don't register has human, and thus you allow your actions to be what they will, never taking into account what they would mean for others. It truly is a fascinating outlook on society and I recommend at least glancing over it. Hopefully it'll give you something to ponder as you go about your day as usual.


  1. who is in your Monkeyshere? lol

    - lexie

  2. well obviously you are. anyways what do you think about the idea?

  3. ok besides me wise guy and i thought the post was very logicall for everday life