Monday, February 18, 2008


Yesterday during my usual conversations with a few friends of mine the topic of passing judgments on people came up. particularly people you've never met. You see, one of my friends was around some other someone else while she was talking to us and that person got mad at me for saying that I did not really like her - and then things spiraled into an argument. Everyone seems to think that I was wrong for not liking a person I have yet to meet but - obviously - I think otherwise. I am fairly dependent on my instinctual feelings about people. I find that it really leads me wrong because most people even up acting in the way that I figured they would. When it comes to the person in question, whenever I hear their voice I feel something like dread pooling within me. This alone is reason enough not to even bother with the girl, seeing as how I rarely get this feeling just from talking with a person. And after last night, her actions have only proved my instant aversion for her. I think of it like this - Lets say you're walking down a street in a neighborhood that you know does not have the best reputation. But nevertheless, there you are walking along and ahead of you, you spot a group of people. automatic you get a bad feeling about them. For one reason or another its just there. You feel it eating at you. Now do you continue to walk down your path, passing them or do you cross the street to the other side that appears to be clear? More than likely you cross the street. I've yet to met a person that would contiune on, disregarding their instincts because its wrong to judge people or some dumb excuse like that. There is a reason why we have that sense and its a good idea to listen to it, no matter how mean that makes you appear to others.


  1. i would keep walking the same path. Put a little spice in your life. they may offer you a 100 dollars or beat you up you never know till u go.

  2. Of course you would say that. now if only you actually followed your own advice, we would all be a lot more happier (:p)....