Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why I'm happy that I took an SAT class

At must say that at first, I thought that I could study for the SAT on my own and still come out of it with a good grade. Though, now that this course is coming to an end, I have to say that I was wrong. I just finished checking my scores and from the first week to now my score went from a 1410 to a 1650. While this is still a bit lower than where I want it, I think that I can take care of the studying from here on out.

The course itself is about 6 or so weeks long and the last class is the Tuesday after next, though my final exam is tomorrow. Before I signed up I heard a lot from different people on whether or not there was any value in taking a class in preparation for the test. Many of those who were against it were against the SAT in general and felt that it was not all that of an important factor I should overly worry about. But my logic was that getting as high on the SAT as I can would help me out out in the long run and as much time that has been taken out of my days, I believe it will all soon come back to reward me in the end (and if by any chance it does not, I'd rather know the results of my made attempt, rather than feel like I should have done something when I could have).

So to end this post I would like to pass on this word of advice to those trying to decide if a class would be good for them: Do what feels right. If a course of some kind will help make you feel more comfortable with the SATs then by all means go ahead and look into one(link goes to the one I took). But if you think its a waste, then don't bother. You would only get as much out of it as you put in.

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