Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WWDC '08

I just finished watching the keynote. And quite frankly I can only say this: OH MY GOD! *runs around like a little fanboy should* Now, I'm happy with all the new updates to the iphone, but sadly I can't talk about it right now. Math final bright and early tomorrow morning, but I'll make a post tomorrow evening or so recaping or whatnot. In the mean time, if you have not watched it yet go here. Also check this out for a nice little surprise (heres a hint: its about snow leopard...)

Is anyone else out there as excited as I am?

edit: go here as well for more info about snow leopard


  1. I'm EXCITED but not as you are lol
    I'm waiting for the Iphone updates :)
    So I hope you did well your Math Final ;) I miss U a lot!

  2. I'm waiting for them as well, thing is if I were to wait too long, I'll never get along to doing things.

    (miss you too. lol)