Monday, June 23, 2008

My Old (Semi)Forgettten Wiki

Remember that wiki I worked on a few months ago? Remember how I was all gung-ho about having people work on it. Well, things didn't work out like I would have liked. Right now, my poor wiki is just sitting somewhere on the web collecting dust.

I have to change that, and I would like to have all of your help as well.

Very soon (at least within a day or two) I will be posting a little article up here so that you all and read and give me feed back on before I submit it to olpcnews. The article is going to be asking for people in the OLPC community to join the wiki and help to develop it. Sitting here watching this forum has rekindled my desire in watching that site made into something of use - not just taking up useless memory no the internets.

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