Monday, June 23, 2008

Should I make this blog more political?

This is a question I've been asking myself for a while, but now as I'm sitting here watching an 8 person discussion (which is slowly turning into a debate...) on political campaign's movements online, I can't help but think about it even more. One of the presentations here talked about how truth is being sacrificed in order to be neutral and I think I may be guilty of such a thing as well. Yet, it was for a good reason - in terms of opinionated truths, my truth will most certainly react badly with someone else's.

I've avoided talking about politics because, like I just said, I felt that it would be a sure fire way of causing trouble online that I don't need. Plus, I would hate to be viewed as a fool for talking about things that I don't really completely understand. The "Truth" that circulates out here is never absolute, no matter how much people claim it to be - Do I really want to add to that clutter?

And sadly, I think my answer is a boldfaced yes. I've noticed that I'm gravitating towards politics more and more nowadays. I read Obama's first book, enjoyed it, and am now halfway through his second work, still finding what he has to say as interesting as I did when I first heard about him. In addition to that, one of the goals I had for this blog at its conception is that it will reflect my own personal growth and pursuit of knowledge. Its only fair that I follow suit with that goal, no matter how much I think it may cause some sort of possible issue.

Now I have no idea how this will manifest itself here and quite frankly I'm almost sickly excited to see what indeed does happen. And the most reassuring thing of all is that I know all of you who reads this will (hopefully) chime in with their own opinions so that we all can learn or at the very least *peacefully* disagree.

p.s. - Whatever trouble may come would definitely be great for the number of hits this blog receives...

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