Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cocoa ELP Project Update 6/15

Lately I’ve been going through the ebook “Becoming an Xcoder”. Its meant to be an introductory course that teaches you the basics of Cocoa and objective-c to prepare you to handle the documentation of Apple’s and others. I’m pretty much enjoying it – the lessons aren’t too hard and they do a good job at teaching the main concepts in a way in which I can get the whole picture. I want to see if I can get started coding really simple things by the middle or end of next week. So far I’m at chapter 3 but I think that chapter 4 is when they’re really get into showing messages on screen and whatnot.

As for the ELP project, last time I checked I heard that my partner was having issues getting Gecko to work properly with the cocoa browser library. That's no good, but after looking around, I think that WebKit might be a good enough alternative to reach the goal that we’re after.

And now, as a added bonus, I have a friend of mine who is really interested in programming for the mac and the iPhone. I think I’m going to help him out with that aim as well. After watching the keynote and all, I’m almost as hyped up as he is. Plus, it would just be fun all around merely to be able to wet my feet a little, gaining as much experience as I can.

I really do think that all of this is going to work. As I look around, I'm surpirsed by how many connections to people who are interested in all of this that I have. Later in the week I'm trying to make plans to contact a friend of one of my uncles who just so happens to be into Mac development. I'm hoping that he can give me a few pointers or any other sort of information.

There we go, a nice and small update. I can’t believe that I’m actually making headway with all of this. I’m quite proud of myself (lol)


  1. No internet language on your blog. :O Kidding.

    I hope you plan on doing some other things in summer.

  2. Of course I do. I just so happen to be one of those rare people that find fun from doing work....