Monday, June 23, 2008

Personal Democracy Forum 2008 - 5th post

Right now I'm in a session called "Building and using the World LIVE Web". They are showing us technology that are going to help change the world of streaming video. Basically they have cameras that are uploading video as soon as it takes it making the streaming live (imagine youtube live. Kind of scary, huh?) .

There is also a tool that enable live blogging. Notice how I'm trying to blog as I'm watch, then I have to post it, and then it takes time for you guys to get the content? The tool that is being shown here turns the blogging into a bit like a instant message chat (at least to me).

This is some really great stuff that will help push how we all communicate online. Makes me wonder just where will all this technology go in its evolution. Not only that, but this sort of makes it harder to place limits on if you want to always be watched by others.

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