Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thoughts on Black Republicans

I'm really not sure what to say about this. I believe that there is a fine line this post can cross - between understanding and just plain ignorance, and so I will try my best to be wary of my words.

Let me begin with a confession: Yes, there are black Republicans. I say this is a confession because of the fact that many times they are treated as black sheep among other blacks - that family member who decided for one reason or another not to do what was 'expected' of them. And because they are thought of as this, they are rarely brought up in conversation and when they are, they are poorly spoken of.

Throughout this election, just like many others, the issue of black Republicanism has been hiding out of the spot light. But the video that I've embed above has dragged it out for all to see. Though, I doubt it will get much air time.

Many people think that the black male in the video was a plant - that he was paid to say what he did. Others think hes just an idiot. But what if he did indeed mean what he said? He's obviously not the only person to think that way.

And so, I would like to say this. I honestly don't see what the Republicans have to offer black people other than possibly their economic policies. And even then, it is occasional you'll be able to find black people who would be able to benefit from them.

Yet, I believe that everyone is entitled to they're own opinion. As much as I disagree and can't fathom the reasons behind such thoughts, I still have to respect them. And besides, it offers the chance for some very interesting debates.

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  1. I think everyone at those meetings is "a plant". They're not paid, but they're selected from the shrinking group of people who still think the Republicans are doing a good job of running the country. What would be news worthy getting air time is if someone at one of those events asked a pointed question.