Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Macbooks and Macbook Pros

Earlier this afternoon it became official. The new update to the Macbook/Macbook Pro line was finally made public. I've been following the rumors for about 2 weeks now and so I'm happy with what I see... Over all, at least.

First off, the video cards have gotten a swift kick to the rear with a great touch-up. Plus the new design is eye-catching. I've heard mixed reactions about it from friends, but I'm happy with it.

However, I'm not please with the price of the lowest model. Bloody 1,200 dollars!! My god. Also, it was pointed out to me that the Macbooks have gotten rid of the Firewire connections, while the Macbook Pros only have the Firewire 800 port. Is Apple trying to get rid of the technology all together for some reason? My last major issue lies within the design itself. Will making the machines out of one piece make them easier or more difficult to repair?

Yet, here is one truth of the matter. I'm still going to buy one of them next summer.

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