Thursday, October 30, 2008

David Tennant leaves Doctor Who

And so, if you haven't already heard about it, Mr. Tennant has recently announced that he will be leaving the show after the four specials in 2009. So many people seem to be moving on, I'm not sure if the show will have the same spark in 2010. No matter who the next Doctor is, I will be watching, but no one can replace Tennant as my favorite Doctor.

Heres the announcement:

And just for kicks, heres a fans reaction:


  1. The show must go on.

    Most of the 10 or so Doctors so far have been fun to watch, so I'm not freaked out like the guy in the video. Indeed, Dr. Who is probably the only show in the world that is able to handle frequent changes in the lead role, which is why it's still going strong after 45 years.

    Tennant was certainly a fun one, and he benefited from a bigger budget, better effects technology, and more carefully crafted scripts than a lot of the others.

    I'm still a bit partial to Tom Baker, but maybe that's because I met him in person when I was 13, and he seemed really nice. I also met Jon Pertwee a couple years later, but all he said to me was "You're standing in my light" (which, in his defense, was true, and he probably had poor eyesight).

  2. I've heard from many of my adult friends who even know about this show that Baker was their favorite doctor. He seems to be the one that generation grew really close to.

    Maybe thats how it is for the current new Dr. Who fans. The 9th Doctor was only there for a short time, when it was 'new' and starting to kick back up, but it was Tennant that made us grow attached to the show. I really can't think of the show without him at this point.

    Also, since the show has such strong ties between the characters (and spin-offs...) how will a new Doctor upset the chemistry thats already there? I'm quite worried about that.

  3. My worries are a bit more concrete these days ("Bradley effect", voting machines, bank failures, currency exchange rates, nuclear-armed Iran, Russian expansionism, etc.). :-)

    With Dr. Who I've lived through a bunch of regenerations and a 12-year cancellation of the show. In a year and a half Dr. Who will be something new and different. Either that's a good thing, or if it's not worth watching you'll have more time to study and socialize at college. :-)

  4. i need to start watching the show.... I dont get