Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Happy One Year Anniversary

As of today this blog is a year and a day old. Three hundred and sixty-six days. Many hours, minutes and seconds. I can't believe that I have a year's worth of writing here. Makes me feel awkward though, going back and reading all those previous entries. A whole year of my life gone, leaving little notes and messages from days past. And the voice - one that I know is my own - feels so foreign and distant, yet I can trace the lines of development and attachment from the current me to it.

Just what has happened in this past year? From the world to myself, everything has changed - the external being so much easier to detect than the internal. For example, America is about to close a chapter on what has to be one of the worst presidents in our history and open a new one. One I hope will restore any sense of content I once had with this country. The global economy is in disarray, swinging like a pendulum, from distress to recovery, never allowing any assurance. And what has stayed the same? Proverty, hunger, disease all still ravage us, among a slew of other things.

And personally, I had a year to grow. I went from 16 to 17; I've experienced fear, wonder, and inspiration, all from the whole applying to college escapade. One of which has me on a collision course with my idealist and pragmatic futures.

I've been through relationships. Some of are still going strong - bonds that I'm not so quick to allow to dissolve like I once use to. And others that had no choice but to fade away, back to whence they came.

And this blog, this blog is a record of all of it. Looking back now, I see a more eloquent reason for why I named this place as I did - one that I wasn't aware of at its conception. This blog is trully a collision of thoughts. Not only of my own, but of everyone who reads and comments here. It is these collisions that allow us to leave our mark on time itself. Maybe not one that is completely everlasting, but its still there - etched beneath the surface.

One year past. One year gone. Looking back is something I find myself doing more and more as I grow older. And every time I do, I'm compelled to look forward as well. I look forward with a aspiration and a desire to do more, to leave more seals as proof of my existance. This blog will continue to be one of the venues in which I do so. So many things I want to do with it, that I simply find I don't have the time to do any of it. But, thats just for now. Slowly but surely, I want to see how far I can take this. How many like-minded people can I find in the world, willing to share my experiences and their own. All these questions and more, but when can they all be answered?

And I believe, that the answer is now. Now, not later. Now is such a demanding word in the english language, but it does wonders for my point. It is now that I can start finding my answers. As you, whomever you may be, are reading this, you can make it a point to see where life takes you. To dream about all of its possiblities, as I am right now, simply writing this. It is now that we can start to formulate some form of a reply, and even if it doesn't hold true forever, it is still there, still being.

So, leave a comment if you so choose. If you're willing to actually enjoy the ride of life, instead of just allowing the twists and turns to go back unnoticed then say something. I, for one, look forward to what this next year has in store for the world and myself. Good and bad, right or wrong. For in the end, what else do we have other than the etchs? Won't it be nice to have as much as you can, all of which amount to something?


  1. Probably the best reading I've read. Since I've known Ryan,I come weekly on this blog to read the updates.It's my way to improve my English - And it works. Keep the good work,Ray and...Happy one year aniversary :) I bring the candles lol

  2. Thanks guys. I hope to be doing this for as long as possible. This is all more motivation to write.