Wednesday, May 21, 2008

OLPC 2.0

Currently there are plans to release the next version of the OLPC laptops in a few years (I read 2010 somewhere). After reading about the features that it is (hopefully) to have, I just can't wait for it. Its to come with touch screen capabilities, will cut down on power consumption, and will look more like an e-book rather than an actual laptop. I'll definitely be keeping up on the details as they are released but for now I'm wondering how in the world am I going to get my hands on one when the time comes...

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  1. I don't ever think they will release this laptop. I read a write up on engadget (i think) where Negroponte (isn't he off the team already) says they are releasing pictures so early (because this is suppose to be done in 2010) because he hopes others will try to copy it.

    You know--like how so many copied the notion of the original. He's taking a different tactic to make things happen--using his and OLPC's influence to push bigger companies with the resources to actually make something like that eye candy dream touchscreen PC actually happen.

    I highly doubt OLPC can do it. Negroponte's a visionary--he saw the splash they made with the original and is trying to do it again, only he changed the tactic and told everyone. I honestly think they should have gone top secret with it and let the pictues 'leak'. It would be more effective cause who can resist something they think they shouldn't have.

    Not me!