Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hunter Courses for Fall 2008

I handed in my applications for the Hunter College classes next fall today. I the classes I signed up for, in order are an intro to French class, an urban sociology class, and a political science class. You see, last night my mom and aunt went to some meeting and as I was waiting for them, I received an email from the College Now office at Hunter, telling me that the applications were due the next day. I had completely forgotten about it and rushed home to get the papers together. It was as I filled them out that I realized that I needed a few other things from my school, such as my transcript, PSAT scores, etc. There was nothing I could do at that point, so I left it alone till this morning - I ran to school, got a copy of my transcript and was about to look for my PSAT scores when in my mind told me to call the people at College Now to make sure that I really needed to get all of that stuff. So I called and low and behold, it turned out that since I took a class there already, I only had to fill out the application - everything else was not necessary. In other words, all my worrying and rushing was pointless. Not to mention, I was skipping over my internship because of it.

So relieved and somewhat ticked at myself, I headed up to Hunter, handed in my things and just went home. I had wasted too much time already plus I had schoolwork to do, so I did not bother going to the library. I'm only allowed to miss one day per semester, but my justification for my so called deviance is that I'm more than likely the only child in my grade willing to give my internship extra time during my vacations (for example, I went in two days last week. Just to help out..). I do this for two reasons - first is that I truly enjoy my time there and second is that just in case something big comes up (like it did today) I can explain the situation to them and they'll know that my not coming in is in no way not because I didn't want to.


  1. Hey!
    I've gone to the Hunter Website and it seems to be a great college!
    When will you start there?

    See ya!

  2. yea I suppose that its good. the class that i get into (whatever it may be) should be in the fall. Remember, I'm taking this class as I'm taking my normal high school class, so it will be a lot of work. But it should be worth it!