Wednesday, May 21, 2008

NYSCATE Metro Conference

Saturday I went to Rye Brook, New York for NYSCATE's 1st Metro Conference to show off my wiki once more. It wasn't too bad. We had a fairly small amount of people in the room to present to - apparently we went up against a big shot in the educational technology world, so I was happy to even get one person. As a matter of fact, my fellow presenter and I stood outside our room to try and persuade passersby to come in and take a seat.

The little band of people we did end up getting were a great group. They were very engaged and had some great questions - even one that had me stomped for a while. Things had slowly moved from the projects to what MOUSE was all about. They were very interested in the program and so we had showed them MOUSE's tenth anniversary video. All in all, I simply had a good time there.

Aside from all the work I did, I also ate a bit too much food. See, on the way up to Rye, I had gotten a cheese croissant. I haven't had a croissant for some time and I wanted to have one again. It was great and it set the tone for the rest of the day. At the hotel we went to, they had a whole bunch of little cheese croissants all over the place. And I went stupid. I kept eating those things like there was no tomorrow. When our work was done and we went out to lunch, I finished most of my meal, but I just couldn't go all the way. My stomach refused to. It got so bad that I could not stand to look at my plate any longer. And it didn't help to have people egging me on to finish. They even brought a brownie to tempt me (hope you're proud of yourselves). Now, while that brownie was one of the best looking brownies I've ever seen in my life, I could only have one bite and oh what a sweet bite that was, yet it was with that bite that my coffin was sealed. I walked out of that place in shame and defeat, but on the bright side I lived to see another day in which I'll continue my crusade on food.

By the way, we videotaped the presentations so be on the lookout for a possible "podcast" of it soon. Keyword being "possible". I may be too lazy to put it up, thought I would like to.

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