Monday, December 31, 2007

Yesterday's ball game

Today me along with a few fellow MOUSECORPS students went to a basketball game at the garden. The game was the Knicks vs. The Bulls. As we arrived there, I believe we all knew who was going to win, but it really was not about the game at all. You see, MOUSE had gotten box seat tickets and invited any MC(MOUSECORPS - I'm becoming to lazy to write out the whole term nowadays) member who wanted to go. I basically went because I've never been to a basketball game, let alone sat in any special seating. So there we were in our little - but very nice and cozy - box looking out upon creation. And it was amazing. Being at the top of the garden, being able to see almost everything that went on below, was at first simply awe-inspiring. And a bit off balancing. Everyone who took the little stairs down to where my friends and I sat felt their surrounds go for a little spin. And having such a miniature looking glass (or maybe plastic?) guard did not help the situation any, but we all managed to make it back and forth in one piece so no harm done.

At that game, I came to understand two things. One, most people in the box seating don't seem to really care about the game going on below. Of course the other possible explication is that it was the Knicks playing and as i said we all knew who was going to win. Everyone I could see seemed more interested in hanging out and talking to those around them. Two, people flip-fop teams. When the Knicks were winning at the beginning, everyone was all happy and rooting for them. But as soon as it became apparent they had no hope some just went quiet, muttering about them behind their backs. Others even went as far as starting to root for the other team. One final thing, while I disregard the fact that I said only two, is that all of the little entertaining stunts that were put on during the breaks occurred to me to be ploys to distract us from the home team getting their behinds kicked. As I said during the game, they are getting paid so they don't have to win; they just have to play.

Yet still, all in all, I did enjoy myself today. I must thank MOUSE for the invite. It was a good way to spend the afternoon

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