Monday, December 31, 2007

A bit of new motivation

After checking the MOUSE news wire, I now know that they have a planed appearance at this year's NECC. NECC stands for National Education and Computing Conference. I had went last year to present my last project with the OPLC and it was astonishing. It was held in Atlanta and it was so much fun. A whole bunch of name brand companies were there (names such as Apple and Mircosoft) and lots of freebies were given out. Also just being able to meet tons of like minded people to discussion technology and education with was simply a nice relaxing experience.

Now after reading about what MOUSE has planned this year, I definitely want to be able to participate. In addition to presenting the projects, we also get to lead a panel discussion. Because of this, I have new found motivation to get my project up and running to what i wish for it to be come.

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