Tuesday, March 3, 2009

And The Republican Ship Is Sinking...

I was watching this episode, this past Saturday night, and besides the crap about the Republican Party needing a "Hip-Hop Makeover", I was actually feeling hopeful about this man. Even though I disagreed with him at some many points, he presented himself in a way that I could come to respect. Of course, I was quite pleased when I heard him say that he was the 'leader' of the Republican Party, not Rush Limbaugh - along with a few other comments that gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

However, recent events have forced me to recalculate my opinion about this man. After hearing that he issued an apology to Mr. Limbaugh just days after those comments were made, I can't help but to think of him as merely a stooge and a myriad of other words that all come down to him being nothing more than a tool.

How dare you issue an apology to such a man, Mr. Steele? Do you know that you've managed to show this whole country what little power you truly have so fast that I hope you whiplash (and please do not let me start on the whips bit, cause that would only lead everyone into trouble)? After the joke of a speech by Governor Bobby Jindal, Limbaugh outright saying that he hopes Obama and/or his ideals fail, and you're party's public fits on the Senate and House floors, you have the audacity to rather than take a sharp step toward establishing your leadership turn around and kiss that ass' behind. Your party is quite litterally falling apart, sir. Get some backbone and step on a few toes. Lest, you really are just their courtjester after all.

Yet still, as a democract - for better or worst... - I must say this: Please, keep on fighting. Create more holes in your already travesty-infested vessel. And once it does sink, I hope from it rises a new Republican gathering - one capable of actually working towards a collective good of the country. One actually worthy of my respect, cause let me tell you something: things are shifting fast. If you lot can't get your act together, we will leave you behind, and trust me, eight years of vandalizing this country is still very much fresh in all of our minds.


  1. interesting. its better or worse…

  2. I guess it depends on where you'd like to stand, no?