Wednesday, February 18, 2009

To push that little red button….

Anyone here remembers my post about the 9h and 10th graders in my school and how much I disliked them? For those who do, I applaud you. For those who don’t, shame on you! Go read it right nao!

Anyways, those little terrors are now in 10th and 11th grades, respectfully. I have classes with the 11th grade so I’ve grown use to the few that I come into contact with and have grown to like said few. However, the rest of them and the rest of the school for that matter has become a pool of retardation that needs to be dealt with swiftly.

Now let us go into context. My student body ranges from 6th to 12th grades, with about 100 kids each. I’m currently in 12th and every grade below is acting the fool. Somehow they all seems to think they own the place when, oh I’m sorry, its my peers and I that should be at that throne without contest. Yet still, we’ve been run to the corner of the room while every other ego gets to run around.

It has gotten so bad that my friends and I have been wondering about pushing that little red button and declaring war upon all those little monsters. For too long have we let them get away with their arrogant crap and it has to stop. The funny thing, in many ways, we already have pushed that button, or at least I have.

Twice in the past months I had to tangle with miniature agents of hell. Here is what happened:
The first time I was put in charge of the computer lab and told to take care of the place. So, the teacher left and a few of my fellow seniors were around doing whatever they were doing. What to know why I don’t remember what they were up to? Its cause they were flipping quiet. Much unlike the fleet of 10th grade ‘loud as all ghetto hell’ bastards. So it finally started to piss my people off and I had to step to the plate to quell the situation. I went up to the loudest offender of the peace and asked very nicely for her and her group to stop.

Know her response? The girl – really want to use another word here, but didn’t. I must get points for that - looked dead at me and laughed. So as she turned to walk away, I stuck out my leg, tripped her then said when she hit the floor, “I wasn’t done yet” in the coldest voice I could muster.

I will pause to let that marinate.

Before everyone gets on my case you have to understand that 1. I have a tendency to be a wee bit sadistic. Yes, I admit that. So it is clear from here on out that I will enjoy all of this and am willing to deal with what happens (hence why I’m ok for posting this). And second, I have an ego – points to this blog - and while I do try to keep it in check most of the time, you don’t laugh in its face and expect nothing in return.

So, after that she knew better than to mess with me again. I even got a laugh out of my friends. But still, the other 10th race of people weren’t so easy. One was about ready to fight me.
The second story is more recent. Some midget 6th grader felt he had the right to yell at us ‘big kids’ when their time for gym had come and we were trying to hurry to leave. He directed his crap at me, so I stopped and looked at him. He made motions for me to go at him, but I just left it alone. Later that day, the kid popped up again behind me still slinging his bull at me so I got fed up. I jumped after him, caught him, then dragged him down a half flight of stairs and when we reached the landing, I threatened to throw him down if he ever did it again. Of course, he was pleading for his life the whole time.

Perhaps, the most beautiful part of the story is what happened when I let him go. I was yelling after him “Run! Keep running or else!” when a teacher came down the stairs. She looked at me, I looked at her and she just laughed and moved on.

All of this now brings me to my point. Seeing as how I only have a few months left, I’ve lost all my ‘social niceguy-ness’ to these children who think they get away with it. If they keep on this path, many more incidents of pain will occur, and I haven’t been the only one to be administering these blows. The 12th grade is waking up and will reclaim our spot at the top of the natural food chain. That is the only way peace can be set in place.

Or, my favorite alternative could could happen where everyone could just get wiser and not piss off those older than you, but hey, either way works for me.

Notes to the rant:
Some may wonder why the 12th grade isn’t fighting within ourselves and let this happen in the first place. It is because everyone is so wrapped up in their own affairs, they don’t care to deal with each other, thus relative peace. However, these people are throwing it into our faces and many of us want to be able to walk the halls without having to hear stupidity.

And people wonder why I refuse to teach. EVER.


  1. LOL that what I'm talking bout. Hope u checked up my post. same thing much shorter. Don't forget to comment.

  2. I go to a high school in georgia. I ain't seeing the 10th grade thing here.

  3. You have no idea how lucky you are then. I'm just happy to be almost out.

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    you've got 'dem grapes

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    What does that mean? The grapes part. I think I have an idea, but then again, I'm not too sure.

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